Everything From a Single Source From Simple Components
to Complex Overall Solutions

Your Operating and Screen Display Professionals for Total Complex Solutions

Marelcom AG is an innovative trading company in the electronics field. Our products are Liquid Crystal Displays, modern user interfaces (keyboards and touch panels), plastic components, and customised complete solutions.

Our competencies at a glance: Displays (Monochrome displays, TFT’s, OLED, e-paper etc.), Touch panels, Keyboards, Silicone Switch Mats, Electronic Development, Plastic Components, Construction, and Total Solutions...

Complete Solutions from a Single Source  –
Superb Swiss Quality at Global Market Prices


We’ve built a bridge between Asia and Switzerland

Thanks to our many years of experience in electronic and mechanical development, we are highly qualified to execute tailor-made solutions for you. With our proven suppliers in the Far East, we are able to produce your mass production at very competitive prices, thereby enabling you to operate competitively in the global market. To deliver the desired products to you at short notice and on time, we have a warehouse in Nidfurn with almost 1,000 pallet spaces ready for you. Many well-known Swiss companies have successfully relied on Marelcom’s products and services for many years. Why not you too?


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