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Complete solutions – production of complete devices 

Marelcom is not only a supplier of individual parts such as displays, keyboards, and housings. We also manufacture entire devices and systems. We cooperate fully with our customers to develop the electronics, the display unit, and the mechanics, all the way to the production-ready unit.

The individual components are manufactured cost effectively in our production plants in the Far East, and then completely assembled, programmed, and tested in Switzerland.

Understandably, this includes a packaging and logistics concept that’s also tailored to your needs. Our trusted project manager coordinates with the internal and external service providers, and ensures that the product meets all technical and economic goals.

We are your partner and it’ll be our pleasure to assist and supplement your value chain according to your wishes.

For a wide variety of industries Examples of our achievements

Professional Kitchen Mixer

We developed this professional mixer for a well-known gastro equipment manufacturer. We developed the mechanical design, electronical hardware and software development, creation of a functional EMC and ESD design, and eventually a successful control certification.

In addition to the central control unit and the MMI, which features user-friendly operations with a touch display and rotary knob, we also produced the chrome-plated die-cast housing.  

The complete display and control system was assembled in-house. After the final electrical test, it was delivered to our customer for final assembly with the die-cast housing.

Medical Devices

We developed a handheld device with a modern TFT touch surface for a customer in the medical industry. Although it was initially designed and developed by the customer, we further developed the design and the implementation of assembly until it was ready for mass production.

We produced everything from the housing and electronics to the TFT displays at our partners’ in the Far East. But the complete assembling, as well as the final testing, was carried out in-house.

We cross-linked a special final test with the customer, which then transmitted the results and the registration of each unit directly to the customer.


Wheelchair Control

The milled, 2-part natural and black anodized aluminium housing gives the wheelchair user the required power for everyday use. The laser inscriptions on the back and the company logo ensure permanent labeling. The operation itself contained only 3 impulse buttons and 5 blue LEDs.

The silicone mat attached at the top gives the unit a certain look and ensured the necessary tightness of the housing surface. With the help of 2 internally mounted disc magnets, the unit can be easily fixed to magnetic metals.

We delivered the control unit, the silicone mat with the necessary seals and electronics, including the cables to the customer, fully assembled and tested.

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