Hardware and Software Electronics Development

Marelcom has developed controllers for years. From the concept to creating the scheme and layout of the printed circuit board, we create everything in-house. Our development department are master coders at C, C++, C#, HTML, Javascript or PHP.

If required, we will accompany you to EMC/ESD certification tests. Our expertise also covers motor and capacitive controls.

Create a layout with Altium Designer
Create a layout with Altium Designer and ...
... and create a scheme with Altium Designer

It’s also our pleasure to support you with the integration and commissioning of TFT displays, which entails complex requirements. The development of testing and programming units to be manufactured is also one of our strengths.

Where the wheat separates from the chaff Designing plastic parts

As an injection molded parts and injection molding tools manufacturer, we know the designing phase of your product is important. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff and the properties of the future product are determined. Taking into account the production methods, the material and product application, we then design and create your customised plastic injection parts.

Your design specification is our starting point toward the development process. Working closely with you, we build your personalised products in 3D, and then ready them for production and development. With mold-flow studies, we are present in the entire process, from construction to the finished product. Customers benefit from our many years of experience and our competitive prices.

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