TFT display with a wooden look?

Yes, this is possible! Marelcom AG offers you this special look for customized solutions. A cool effect, which reproduces the wood grain deceptively real. When switched off, only the wood structure remains visible and as soon as the display is switched on, the wood effect disappears in the displayed area.

This effect can be used for any TFT size. The structure is possible in the color of your choice. A combination with a capacitive touch or a special shape of the cover lens - almost everything is possible. 

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A suitable application of round TFT displays is the combination with encoders. Marelcom AG has in its assortment 3 different sizes.

The unit is a closed solution that perfectly combines the display, the encoder, the button and the status LED in one rotary knob display. The unique innovative structure and exquisite manufacturing process of the module ensure excellent reliability and control experience. The unit is suitable as a rotary knob control in many industrial applications of electronic products.

Possible sizes:

1.3" IPS TFT with push switch, integrated encoder and LED indicator

2.1" IPS TFT with push switch, integrated encoder and LED indicator

2.5" IPS TFT with push-switch, integrated encoder and LED indicator

All 3 units are built the same way and have the same interface. The IPS TFT is controlled via a serial interface. For the status LED a RGB LED illumination was chosen. The color of the status LED illumination can be chosen freely. Encoder, push switch and LED illumination are controlled separately. The complete unit is connected via a 10 pin standard FPC connector with a pitch of 0.5 mm, no matter which unit you choose.

Optionally the unit can be equipped with a capacitive touch.

For further details please have a look at the specification, which you can download by clicking on the desired type or contact us by mail or phone.

1.3" MACHRT-TFT-4613

2.1" MACHRT-TFT-7821

2.5" MACHRT-TFT-9225

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Disappearing Effect for TFT Displays

An elegant glass surface for TFT units whether the display is turned on or off!

The cover lens is usually fully connected to the capacitive touch sensor with a transparent OCA. Depending on the type of display and the polariser used, the TFT active area remains visible when it’s switched off. Dark bonding is used to eliminate this effect and achieve an elegant surface even when switched off, meaning the TFT active area is no longer visible.

Are you interested in a dark bonding solution? Contact us, and we will be happy to demonstrate the disappearing effect at your location.  

To Our Valued Customers

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have seen a significant weakening of the logistics chain in the Far East. As a result, we are now encountering massively higher logistics costs and longer transit times. Additionally, the current economic environment is confronted with a supply crisis. Therefore, we are overwhelmed by a supply shortage in the global semiconductor sector. Prices are soaring that even simple controllers are currently difficult to obtain. Manufacturers can expect delivery times to be 40 weeks or more!

Consequently, the European market for display glasses is affected, and supply is becoming scarce. Therefore, prices and delivery times have also increased noticeably in Switzerland in the last few weeks.

Plastic granules for injection molded products have not escaped the predicament. They have become exceedingly expensive this year, not to mention a supply shortage as well as delayed delivery times.

Due to this crisis, we strongly suggest that you plan early, and determine your future needs for the year ahead. Please consult us about the products as soon as possible and expect that last year’s prices may no longer be valid.

We expect that this crisis is not going away any time soon and will probably worsen in the coming months.

We are always at your disposal for further inquiries and thank you for thinking ahead.

Sincerely Yours,
Marelcom AG

Hans-Jörg Marti                  Hansruedi Freuler
CEO                                      CFO/CLO

There are countless applications where germ-free surfaces make everyday life easier. Be it in medicine, the food industry, retail, public buildings, and even in clothing. Glass benefits from the same antibacterial effect. Displays and capacitive touch panels can now be built with an antibacterial front glass that fulfill hygiene regulations. It’s a glass that has additional bacteriostatic and sterilizing functions, while preserving the original functions and properties of the glass. Marelcom offers the possibility of producing front glasses with an antibacterial coating.

Silver is proven to be effective against bacteria. Positively charged silver ions absorb negatively charged bacteria, thereby disturbing the bacterial charge balance. Silver ions easily enter the bacteria and stop the respiration and reproduction of bacteria. They inhibit the growth, quickly combining the proteases of bacteria to destroy them, making bacteria inactive.

The coating process of antibacterial glass is relatively simple. The coating can be applied to a wide variety of materials. When it comes to glass, type, thickness, length, and width don’t make a difference.

Antibacterial glass can be chemically or physically toughened, and the tempering performance is the same as the standard value of non-antibacterial glass. The subsequent application of AF allows the double function of antibacterial and anti-fingerprint on the glass surface, whereby the functions are not mutually disadvantageous.

A combination of anti-reflection glass or anti-glare glass is also possible.

  • Testing according to ISO22916, Test Centre: Institute of Microbiology
  • A. coli (Infection of the digestive system)
  •   Activity Value: (R) 3.9
  •   Antibacterial Rate: > 99%
  •   The average number of live bacteria in 24 hours: 92
  • B. Staphylococcus aureus (medical infection)
  •   Activity Value: (R) 6.1
  •   Antibacterial Rate: > 99%
  •   The average number of live bacteria in 24 hours:  < 1.3
  • C. Fungal Inhibition Test Aspergillus Niger, Candida albicans
  • Bilateral antibacterial effect with excellent performance (antibacterial fungal infection rate > 99%)
  • Double antibacterial (inorganic and photocatalytic) to purify the water quality
  • The effects of antibacterial, anti-fingerprinting, and anti-reflection can be combined
  • Heat processing won’t affect the antibacterial effectiveness
  • High antibacterial broad spectrum (effective against various microorganisms)
  • Acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance can be used in combination with high borosilicate glass
  • The antibacterial surface has strong abrasion resistance and long-lasting antibacterial effect
  • Any type of glass can be used as the base material for the coating
  • The hardness is more than 7
  • The coating can protect glass against aging such as mildew and alkali scaling thus prolonging the life of the glass
  • For medical and laboratory equipment
  • For pharmaceutical devices
  • For the food industry
  • Touch screens of any kind
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • ATMs, ticket machines, coffee machines
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