From Design to Mass Production

Design for plastic parts

As a manufacturer of plastic injection tools and parts, we know the designing phase of your product is important. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff and the properties of the future product are determined. Taking into account the production methods, the material and product application, we then design and create your customised plastic parts.

Your design specification will be our starting point toward the development process. Working closely with you, we build your personalised products in 3D, and then ready them for production and development. With mold-flow studies, we are present in the entire process, from construction to the finished product. Customers benefit from our many years of experience and our competitive prices.

Plastic Tool Making

If you’re considering purchasing plastic tools but feeling the pinch of high production costs in Switzerland, you should get in touch with us. We guarantee our customers superb Swiss quality standards at competitive international market prices. Quality control is assured as we are present and constantly monitor the entire development process, from tool design to subsequent tool construction.

At MARELCOM, customers benefit from flexible production times (eg. tool construction with sampling within 8 weeks) at very attractive prices. We are responsible for your tools and injection molded parts, keep them in perfect condition in future years, thus ensuring guaranteed quality.

Plastic Parts

Marelcom has been an extremely competitive plastic parts supplier for over 20 years. We check our valued customers’ construction data and produce the individual parts according to their designs. The tools are then made in our production plants in China, where the parts are further refined.

Profit from our extensive expertise when refining your parts to achieve an optimal result. We are able to produce very large parts, thanks to our injection molding machines which have a clamping force of up to 1600 tonnes. On request, we can paint, print, or add copper coating to the parts after the injection molding process.


We are happy to help build your prototype, and create a customised 3D print or STL model. The sample enables us to determine the functionality and properties of the future product. However, the interpretation of these results are just the necessary steps toward the desired end product.

Mass Production

After the prototypes are approved, nothing stands in the way of mass production. The plastic parts are produced at our long-standing partner factories in the Far East, and transported to Europe by ship or air freight or courier services.

You have the option of purchasing the goods in one delivery lot or in partial deliveries from our Swiss warehouse.


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