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State of the Art Displays

There is a huge selection of display options in the world today. At Marelcom, we have an assortment of TFT displays in various sizes to choose from. From the smallest display to the 65’’ monitor, you will find everything in our program. Whether you opt for a monochrome display, an OLED or an e-paper, we are happy to customise your product. Thanks to many years of cooperation with well-known display manufacturers and our large network, we can tailor to your needs and successfully implement customer specific solutions. Our in-house development crew is also on hand to assist you in integrating the displays into your device.

TFT and TFT with Touch Panel and Cover Lens

Modern and high resolution IPS TFT displays are state of the art today. At Marelcom, we can help you find what you need with our large selection of displays. From the smallest display to the 65" touch monitor, we certainly have the suitable product for you – supplementing a suitable touch panel and a front glass printed according to your specifications. Our aim is to create an individual solution that fits your product perfectly. A precise and tight installation of the display unit to your housing is also of importance, ensuring our support from beginning to end.

Standard Solutions


  • Sizes from 0.96” to 65”
  • With resistive or capacitive touch panel
  • With customised printed cover lens in glass or plastic
  • Cover Lens with AG (Anti-glare), AF (Anti-fingerprint) or AR (Anti-reflection) treatment
  • Family line Types
  • Full viewing angle
  • Special customised formats
  • Super/ultra-high brightness
  • Transflective/sun readable
  • Long life
  • Industrial Standard
  • Automotive Types
  • IPS, EVA (enhanced wide view angles) and MVA Technologies
  • Different interface RGB, TTL, LVDS, MCU, serials,
    UART, RS232, RS485, analog, DVI, HDMI, MIPI, eDP
  • Accessories such as connectors, cables, or controller boards
  • Customisation of TFT displays
  • Special wide formats/Ultra-wide aspect Ratio/ Bar Type TFT
  • Open Frame Solution

Touch Monitors

Monitors combined with a touch sensitive surface are used in various applications. Such as industry, in medicine, hospitality, laboratories, production facilities, public advertising spaces, passenger information systems and many more. Usually, TFT monitors with capacitive touch panels are often used. The capacitive touch panel is controlled via a USB interface, and the monitor is controlled via standardized interface such as VGA, DVI or HDMI.

The range of monitors include complete monitors with housings which have a VESA standard mounting option, open frame touch monitors, or complete independent monitors with CPU and hard disk which can be used for digital signage.


Some standard models are already checked and approved according to CCC, CE, RoHS, FCC. Depending on the model and version, special certifications can be carried out upon request.

Standard Solutions

OLED Displays

You’ll find that whatever is widespread in consumer electronics usually crossovers to industrial electronics. OLED displays are characterized by high contrast, large viewing angle, low power consumption and have a very thin and compact design.

Whether it’s monochrome or colour OLED displays, graphics or character, rigid or flexible, rest assured Marelcom has the right solution for you.


Standard Solutions

E-Paper and Cholesteric Displays

E-Paper Displays und Cholesteric Displays (ChLCD) are the most energy efficient of displays.

E-Paper Display has a viewing angle of 180° vertically and horizontally. It can be custom made to any shape. The displays can also be produced in 2 colours in the combination of black/white or red/white. Or it can be produced in 3 colours in the combination of red/white/black or yellow/black/white.

Cholesteric Display has a larger temperature range than e-paper. These displays can be produced in the colour combinations blue/white, black/yellow, red/yellow, or green/yellow.

E-Paper und Cholesteric Displays only require power when the image content changes. No power supply is required for the image content. That makes these displays the ideal product especially in applications with battery operation. E-paper and cholesteric displays are available as graphic or segment displays. Due to its unique type, these two technologies can be implemented very well to customer specific solutions.


Standard Solutions

Segment Cholesteric Display blue/white
Segment Cholesteric Display blue/white
Segment Cholesteric Display red/yellow
Segment Cholesteric Display red/yellow
Segment Cholesteric Display black/yellow
Segment Cholesteric Display black/yellow
Segment Cholesteric Display green/yellow
Segment Cholesteric Display green/yellow
1.54 inch E-Paper black/white
1.54 inch E-Paper black/white
1.54 inch E-Paper black/white/red

Monochrome and FS LCD

Monochrome displays still find their place in electronics to this day. Wherever an inexpensive and reliable solution is sought, monochrome displays are usually the ideal fit. Here are some key points you should look out for when choosing a monochrome display:

  • Segment, Character, and Graphic LCD
  • Contacting by pin FPC or Elastomer (zebra/rubber)
  • Chip on glass (COG), chip on board (COB), chip on flex (COF) technology
  • Standard and customised versions with single or multicoloured lighting
  • Optionally also with touch panel or a touch-in-cell solution
  • Ideal for automotive solutions or power save applications


Field Sequential Liquid Crystal Display or FS-LCD for short is an alternative to colour displays such as TFT but on a monochrome basis. Up to 8 colours can be displayed. The FS LCD is characterised by high contrast and low power consumption unlike TFTs. The control is much easier than with TFT, thus enabling faster development and a shorter “time to market”.

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